Services: Types of Chart


Get to know the real you! What are the personality traits, talents, challenges, and opportunities available to you at birth that affect you throughout your life? An in-depth psychological analysis derived from your astrological chart.

Progressed and Transit

Understand what is going on to better manage your life! Shows psychological maturation during your lifetime, and when major events will occur or have occurred in your life that may affect your choices. Current astrological configurations may have an impact on your daily life--for better or worse.

Solar Return

A new cycle! Have you ever wondered why New Years resolutions don't work? The new year in astrology goes from birthday to birthday. Every year on your birthday a new cycle begins. This chart advises you on what opportunities or challenges will be facing you in the upcoming year.

Know Your Child

New baby? Who says babies don't come with an instruction book? Build a better relationship with your children! Understand the challenges and opportunities facing your new baby or your growing children. Identify possible learning strengths or disorders, or times when a major personality shift is likely to occur.


Identify the areas of work or business that are best suited for your innate skills and abilities. Good for people looking to change jobs, choosing an educational program, or desiring to be in a fulfulling career.


You didn't love Paris in the springtime, but you left your heart in Lubbock, Texas? Find out why! Identify places around the world that would best support your goals and interests.

New Business

Identify the best time to open a business, change business scope, reorganize, plan an event--what will help your business be successful.

Relationships and Compatibility

Improve your relationships. Charts for personal and business relationships. Find out why you are fighting with your partner or who would be a good partner.