About Gabriella

Gabriella von Elekes is a multi-lingual astrologer, teacher and public speaker born in Transylvania, who inherited her passion for metaphysical matters from her grandmother, Baroness Gabriella Homorodszentmartoni Biro.

After graduating from high school she moved to Hungary to be with her father, earning a Master's Degree in French Language and Literature.

She began her career in the international import-export business and at twenty-five years old she was offered a high security clearance government position. She didn't agree with the Communist regime and defected to Germany instead, where she met and married a fellow Hungarian and then moved to the United States. Later Gabriella and her husband lived in the Orient and traveled all over the world. Life appeared to be perfect; love, money, status ‚ it was all there!

Gabriella became a mid-level executive with a cosmetic company working her way up to become an executive. Just when she was about "to make it" somebody else got to live HER dream! A pattern was emerging: every time Gabriella came close to becoming an "executive", or a "person with power" that opportunity was taken away. She began searching for answers. By "chance" she literally ran into a professional astrologer, who helped Gabriella clarify her soul's purpose and showed her that she was "barking up the wrong tree". Her soul's mission was to become an astrologer!

As a result, Gabriella has helped countless people in their quest for inner peace, understanding difficulties in their life be it in relationships (private or business), inner turmoil, starting a business, finding the best place to live or in understanding their children.